The Roval 321 Disc Wheel

The Roval 321 Disc Wheel

The Fastest and Lightest Disc Wheel In The World

The clock is the toughest competitor of them all. Roval's revolutionary 321 is purpose-built to give you an edge in your next triathlon or time trial. In real-world conditions, it is the most aerodynamically efficient wheel ever made; featuring a unique asymmetric, lenticular construction that cheats wind and conserves precious watts. At 1000 grams, it’s also the lightest production disc around.

The tubeless ready, 19mm inner width of the 321 rim is tailored to fit modern, wider tires. The wheel itself is the result of rigorous testing in Roval's wind tunnel to ensure that it delivers maximum laminar flow and aerodynamic efficiency with those same wider tires. Through innovative geometry and layup Roval created a 1000 gram wheel; no production disc is lighter.

The non-drive side of the 321 is the most aerodynamically efficient shape possible; it bows in a lenticular form from the hub to the rim. The drive side is flatter to make room for the cassette and chain, but still very slippery.


When seeking out hundredths of seconds and applying every available watt of energy to maximize speed, attention to detail matters. In their quest to maximize every ounce of performance, Roval left no stone unturned. The 321 hubs use CeramicSpeed bearings, the lowest friction, most energy efficient bearings money can buy. Complementing the bearings are precision DT Swiss 240 freehub internals, for lightweight performance and ultimate serviceability.

Long before seeing any pavement, the 321’s shape was honed through successive iterations of prototypes. Each one of those prototypes was fed into Roval's wind tunnel, tested for all possible conditions, then sent back for revision. The final production wheel represents thousands of hours spent testing in this exacting arena and the results speak for themselves, including Ironman World Records, UCI World Championship titles, and Grand Tour stage wins.


  • MSRP: $2500
  • Available in rim brake (QR) and disc brake (142mm thru axle) versions
  • Weights:
    • Rim brake: 1005g
    • Disc brake: 1015g
  • 19mm internal width
  • 2Bliss ready
  • Available from Roval's Website, Roval/Specialized Retailers and the Specialized Global Website for your nation


About Roval Components

Born in the '70s in France and later acquired by Specialized, Roval Components is focused on creating wheels born from informed rider insight to deliver true performance benefits.

With more pro wins than any other brand and offerings that deliver performance benefits to riders across many disciplines, it’s clear that Roval is serious when they state that they’re on a mission to create the best carbon wheels in the known universe.